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Atlantic Beach

Trusted Siding Contractor Providing Services for Your Home in Atlantic Beach, FL

Residing in Atlantic Beach, Florida means facing unique challenges stemming from its tropical climate—endless sun, heavy moisture, and termite activity. These elements gradually deteriorate your home's siding, impacting both its appearance and structural integrity. At First Coast Siding, we specialize in tackling these issues head-on with our expert siding replacement services. As your trusted siding contractor, we provide:


Siding Replacement

Transform your home and shield it with durable protection using exquisite new fiber cement siding. Our preference for James Hardie products is rooted in their proven resilience to Florida's climate. Our meticulous approach ensures comprehensive improvement, replacing not just the siding but also the underlayment to reinforce your home against moisture penetration.


Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding

James Hardie siding offer sun paralleled defense for your home. This resilient material with stands moisture, hail, woodpeckers, termites, and sun exposure. Moreover, it is fire-resistant, making it one of the most robust siding options available. We apply high-quality paint to your new siding, ensuring vibrant color that endures for years.


Window Replacement

In addition to siding replacement, we provide window replacement services. If you're experiencing drafts due to aging windows, our energy-efficient upgrades can enhance thermal performance, potentially reducing your monthly energy costs.


Your Trusted Siding Partner for Unrivaled Expertise and Service:

First Coast Siding is the premier siding contractor in Atlantic Beach, FL. With decades of experience, unparalleled proficiency in James Hardie products, and a commitment to exceptional customer service, we guarantee your home receives the attention it deserves. Moreover, our worry-free warranties, including a 10-year labor warranty on top of the manufacturer's 30-year warranty, demonstrate our confidence in the quality of our workmanship.

Contact First Coast Siding today to discover more about our services and why we're the ideal choice for your residential siding needs.

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