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James Hardie® Panel vertical siding is a versatile and visually striking option for homeowners seeking to elevate the aesthetics and performance of their exteriors. Crafted by James Hardie, a trusted name in the building materials industry, Hardie Panel vertical siding offers a modern and clean design that complements a wide range of architectural styles. At First Coast Siding, we’re pleased to be your source for James Hardie® panel siding in the greater Jacksonville, Florida, area.

Explore Your Options for Hardie Siding Panels

When you choose Hardie Panel siding for your home, you’ll have plenty of stunning options to choose from. This innovative fiber cement siding solution combines the timeless appeal of vertical lines with the durability and low-maintenance benefits of fiber cement and is available in the following product lines:

  • Select Cedarmill® - Featuring a stunning woodgrain texture that looks like natural cedar, this Hardie Panel vertical siding offers a classic aesthetic for your home.
  • Smooth – For a sleek and modern aesthetic, opt for smooth vertical panels that will provide timeless beauty for your home.
  • Stucco – Enjoy the classic aesthetic of stucco with the exceptional strength and performance of fiber cement siding with this popular option.
  • Sierra 8 – Offering subtle vertical lines and texture, this option offers subtle elegance to the design of your home’s exterior.

What’s more, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of color options to put the finishing touches on your Hardie Panel siding design and ensure it perfectly complements your home in the greater Jacksonville, FL, area.

Additional Benefits of Hardie Panel Vertical Siding

With its exceptional resistance to the elements, including fire, moisture, and pests, Hardie panel vertical siding ensures long-lasting beauty while providing superior protection for your home. Whether you're looking to enhance the curb appeal of a contemporary residence or seeking a reliable and visually appealing siding solution, James Hardie vertical panel siding offers an ideal balance of style and durability for discerning homeowners.

Get Started with First Coast Siding

You can rely on the experienced professionals at First Coast Siding to handle the siding installation process with precision and care to ensure the stunning and lasting results you expect when you choose James Hardie siding for your home.

If you’d like to have Hardie panel siding installed on your home in the greater Jacksonville, FL, area, contact First Coast Siding today.

First Coast Siding is proud to be a part of the Hardie Alliance Preferred Installer program. This program ensures that Preferred contractors consistently demonstrate high standards in quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction.

select cedermill siding by james hardie

A natural cedar look has a soft texture that mimics wood.

smoth panel siding by james hardie

You can’t go wrong with this sleek, modern siding.

stucco panel siding by james hardie

Get the warm, inviting look of stucco, but with fiber cement’s superior strength.

sierra 8 panel siding by james hardie

This combination of texture and linear detail adds dimension without getting too fussy.

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